Tips for Best Dangling Nose Hoops

Nose hoops are an age-old tradition which has been worn by people worldwide for cultural, religious, and aesthetic purposes. They are worn as part of the wedding dress by Indian wives-to-be. It is suggested that nose hoops might be used as a substitute to wedding bands. They are also thought to be of aid in firing pain during menstruation and childbirth. Putting on a dangling nose hoop is an eccentric way to add a little extra to your look; and it gives an attractive and stylish appearance. Below are tips for selecting nose hoops in an up-to-date perception.

  • Material of nose hoop: Ensure that you pick a nose hoop with the suitable material for your skin. Acrylic and/or plastic barely react negatively on skin hence tend to make the best dangling nose hoops. For fresh piercings, pure and high quality metals are best preferred so that the piercing doesn’t get irritated as well as the metal will not corrode or discolor. Surgical steel and pure 14k or 18k gold is two safer options for a healing piercing. Their hypoallergenic elements prevent the skin from itching. For a healed nose piercing, titanium is advisable because it is strong and durable. Silver tends not to do well with nose piercings as it may oxidize and might leave a black stain.
  • Gauge size: This is the thickness of the nose hoop material. 22 gauges is the smallest size used for dangling nose hoops and is mostly preferred in the idle east where the nose hoops have a time-honored cultural implication. There are also 20 gauges and 18 gauges which are larger consecutively; and are suitable for larger noses or dangling nose hoops positioned higher up the nose.

  • Diameter: The right size hoop for the best dangling nose hoops is determined by the position of the nose piercing as well as the gauge size and shape of the nose. It is important to get the right diameter size or else the nose hoop could appear a little odd. The most suitable sizes are 3/8 inches (10mm) and 5/16 inches (8mm).
  • Accent and Extras: Gemstones are a widely held choice for dangling nose hoops as they add some enthusiasm to one’s look. There are two types of gemstone settings namely prong and bezel. Bezel setting positions the gemstone at a lower position, hugging the edge of the stone, and letting it rest nearer to the nose. It is more suited for an active individual as it is unlikely to get bumped by objects. On the other hand, prong setting locates the gemstone higher up that it is well-lit; in turn sparkling to attract attention. This setting has repeatedly been the jewelry standard as it causes the gemstone to stand out. These gemstone settings give an appealing aesthetic value for the best dangling nose hoops.

Basically it is preferable to settle for the best dangling nose hoops, which will suit your style and taste as well as look presentable according to the occasion and mood; a suitable example being the nose clasp which incorporates most of the listed features.