We тry oυr вeѕт тo ɢeт тнe correcт ɢαυɢe ιɴ тнe deѕcrιpтιoɴoғ eαcн prodυcт. Wнeɴ α perѕoɴ receιveѕ α ɴew pιercιɴɢ, тнeιr αverαɢe ѕιze ιѕ 22-20 ɢαυɢe. Oυr αverαɢɴoѕe ѕтυd ιѕ 18 ɢαυɢe. However, we’re cнαɴɢιɴɢ ιт тo ғιт тнe ѕтαɴdαrd ѕιze cнαrт. 


So it’s important to read each description so you’re not buying the wrong size 


So in other words the gauge size of your piercing is the thickness of the bar that will go through your piercing. Note that the thicker the bad, the lower The Gauge size. So a 14 (14g) gauge is way thicker than a 22 (22g)gauge