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Hey Homegirl,

I’m Jacida, the CEO behind YoniDaPunani and a woman who believes true beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 

But I always struggled to find confidence growing up, and an unexpected PCOS diagnosis really challenged me even further, showing me I would never live in the body I desired until I loved myself in all forms. 

I struggled with facial hair, extra bodily hair growth, skin discoloration, infertility, depression and worst of all, mood swings.  

I thought I was transforming right before my eyes, and without anyone who could relate or show me how to cope, I was desperate to feel beautiful again. 

Real confidence didn’t come until I learned to accentuate my imperfections instead of hiding them, to accept my flaws instead of hating them, and to embrace my ever-evolving appearance as a part of me instead of believing it’s all of me. 

Millions of women go under the knife or needle every year in order to achieve a beauty ideal, many of them still dissatisfied with the results. However, if we are patient, gentle, and willing to experiment in order to uncover the unique solutions to our unique struggles, I believe we can love ourselves and forego irreversible cosmetic procedures. 

I’ve helped thousands of women regain their confidence, start taking selfies, and feel beautiful in their own bodies, because I know how it feels to hide. 

My mission is to help even more women feel like THAT GIRL with our diverse range of unique, artistic pieces because EVERY woman should feel like a baddie– even on her chill day! 

Become a Homegirl today and join the Yoni Da Punani community via email for customercare@yonidapunani.store

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Shining Accessories & Trendy Apparels

Become a Homegirl today and join the Yoni Da Punani community via email for customercare@yonidapunani.com