Tips for Wearing Unique Boho Jewelry

Boho jewelry is an elegance derived from the Bohemian culture, and it is defined as ethnic, tribal and free-spirited. Boho jewelry allows for the liberty to mainstream fashion as it sets one free from the usual so they can enjoy a different kind of style. Wearing unique boho jewelry represent a substitute to the old-fashioned method of wearing, combined with an equally alternative, more progressive lifestyle and a social stance contrary to everything from acquisitiveness to society’s restraints. Boho jewelry is distinctive since each piece is made by hand; by craftsmen who put in lots of work, detail and dedication to make each piece shine. Below are ideas to consider from when putting on unique boho jewelry;

  • Layer different necklace types: In order to reach a typical hippie look, select different types of necklaces to bring an outstanding look to the outfit. Ensure to combine necklaces of natural and earthly hues with beads, fluffs, bobbles and animal adornments which are linked with the style. This ensures your fashion is exceptional.
  • Over beautify outfit with altered types of rings for a contemporary look: The beauty of wearing unique boho jewelry is that nothing has to be similar, therefore engage into some in excess ornamented ring looks. Layering various jewelries is not startling for this fashion trend because the peripatetic way of life of gypsies eases colleting many varying elements from around the globe. One is free to accessorize his/her hands with rings unpredictable in design or size.

  • Wrap the body in delicate body chains for an innovative look: Bold or delicate body chains will appear mind-blowing on the body for they stand out and are well noticeable when wearing unique boho jewelry. Select chains that will give your body novelty. Body chains tend to rhyme well with crop tops as it is possible to wrap them on naked skin. They are well-designed and subtle yet at the same time a very original way to finish ones look.
  • Focus on free and flow fabric: Putting on boho jewelry collaborates well with garments that are not tight on the body. Elements like tassels and fringes should be part of the garment for they are linked with the bohemian style. These elements can also be found hanging off of jackets, shoes and bags.
  • Experiment with mixing metals: It is not necessary to stick to one kind of metal for example all brass or all silver when wearing unique boho jewelry. It is good to try out having a necklace with a contrasting colored pendant to that of the chain it is attached to. Rings may combine different color metals as it adds a lively interest and color to the clothing.
  • Know when to stop: Even though wearing unique boho jewelry has no limitations, at times too much is, well, too much. For instance if you are drawing attention to the face and neckline with layered necklaces, it is then not really necessary to fill the arm with bangles because it will introduce competition for attention. Eventually do what complements well with you and the event you are wearing for.

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