Aftercare Cleaning Piercing Spray Saline Wash Skin

SKU: 025765515668
Aftercare Cleaning Piercing Spray Saline Wash Skin - YoniDa&

Aftercare Cleaning Piercing Spray Saline Wash Skin

SKU: 025765515668
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Introducing our Aftercare Cleaning Piercing Spray Saline Wash, a gentle and effective solution for keeping your piercings clean and promoting optimal healing. This saline-based spray is specially formulated to provide a soothing and hygienic cleansing experience for your skin.

✔ GENTLE AND SAFE: Our piercing spray is designed to be gentle on your skin while effectively removing dirt, debris, and bacteria from your piercings. The saline solution mimics the natural composition of your body's fluids, making it safe to use on all skin types, including sensitive skin.

✔ PROMOTES HEALING: Proper cleaning is crucial for the healing process of your piercings. Our saline wash creates an ideal environment for healing by helping to reduce the risk of infection and supporting the natural healing process of your skin. Regular use of the spray can help minimize complications and promote faster healing.

✔ CONVENIENT SPRAY APPLICATION: The spray bottle design allows for easy and precise application. Simply spray the saline wash directly onto the piercing area, ensuring thorough coverage. The fine mist provides a gentle and refreshing sensation, making the cleaning process quick and comfortable.

✔ HYGIENIC AND STERILE: Our piercing spray is formulated to meet the highest standards of hygiene. It is sterile and free from harmful additives, ensuring a safe and clean application every time. The convenient spray bottle also helps maintain the integrity of the product by minimizing the risk of contamination.

✔ VERSATILE USE: In addition to piercing aftercare, our saline wash can also be used for general skin cleansing and hygiene. It is suitable for cleaning minor cuts, scrapes, and irritations. Its gentle formula can be used on various parts of the body, providing a versatile and convenient solution for your skincare needs.

Make the health and cleanliness of your piercings a priority with our Aftercare Cleaning Piercing Spray Saline Wash. Experience the benefits of its gentle and effective cleansing properties, and promote optimal healing for your piercings. Order now and enjoy a hygienic and soothing aftercare routine for your skin.


Aftercare saline spray is for aiding in recovery for new piercings and from have other uses as well such. It helps in reducing issues with new piercings and recovery time.

Contains: Purified Water, Dead Sea Salt, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Tea Tree Oil, and Rosemary Oil
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